Renegade MX4 / 102 Ron Unleaded

Renegade MX4 / 102 Ron Unleaded

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Renegade MX4 is a popular choice among weekend warriors and competitive racers as it combines superior performance with a great price. This high-performance four-stroke-specific fuel has many of the same technologies as our popular SX4+ fuel and is also used by many top AMA Supercross teams. In most cases MX4 does not require jetting or fuel mapping changes when transitioning from pump fuel applications. Rigorous testing has shown up to 4-5% gains in power over popular comparable fuels on the market, and our exclusive additive package inhibits dreaded gumming and performance-robbing deposits.

RON 102

MON 89

95.5 R+M/2 (Anti-knock index)

3.60% O2

14.02 Stoich ratio

19 Litre Barrel