HR100XP+ (106 Ron Unleaded)

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A high octane, oxygenated, unleaded CARB compliant fuel designed to unleash the power of your street legal performance machine.  HR 100XP+ will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors, making it the perfect fuel for late-model street-legal performance vehicles: ranging from turbocharged sports cars to normally aspirated muscle cars and high performance sports bikes.

RON 106
MON 95
100.5 R+M/2 (Anti-knock index)
3.50% O2
14 Stoich ratio
19 Litre Barrel

Birch Performance think:  The perfect pour-in fuel for those who demand a high quality of fuel but don't have a specific race fuel tune.  The lower oxygen content of this 106 Ron unleaded has minimal impact on your AFR and fuelling, whilst still packing a punch.  Perfect for a bit of fun whilst providing extra engine protection when pushing hard at events.