Millers Engine Flush Additive 250 ml Pack

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A fully synthetic oil-based flush with advanced additives which cleans oil ways. It cleans and protects the engine by efficiently removing sludge and deposits from the engine.

Use before an oil change
Add contents of bottle to oil in engine
Idle the engine for 15-20 minutes
Drain the oil, renew the filter and refill with the recommended grade of Millers Oils engine oil
Use only with Millers Oils treatments.

Store at ambient temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Product efficacy within 24 months of date on bottle if stored according to manufacturer's instructions.

  • Ensures engine is clean before new oil is put into engine so new oil has maximum service life
  • Ideal for all cars and light commercial vehicles, for both petrol and diesel engines
  • Fully compatible with all engine oils
  • Safely cleans lacquer, varnish, dissolves sludge and insoluble deposits
  • Frees sticking VVT systems, HVL's and piston rings
  • Ensures oil flow to critical moving parts by cleaning oil ways
  • By providing anti wear protection it maintains and protects the engine
  • Neutralises crankcase acids