Millers Petrol Injector Cleaner 250 ml Pack

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A maximum strength, highly concentrated cleaning agent developed to remove deposits from petrol fuel injection systems.

Empty complete contents into fuel tank before filling to ensure thorough mixing. Suitable for all petrol engines.

One bottle treats 60 litres of fuel. For severely fouled systems a double dosage may be required.

Use only with other Millers Oils treatments.

Store at ambient temperature and away from direct sunlight. Product efficacy within 24 months of date on bottle if stored according to manufacturer's instructions.

  • 98% power restoration with single use
  • Cleans the fuel injection system
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Overcome rough engine running – stalling, poor throttle response and hesitancy due to deposits – typically overcome with one treatment
  • Engine emissions reduced
  • Emissions control equipment (catalysts) unaffected by treatment
  • Fuel injector eliminated
  • Improves torque, power or acceleration
  • Fuel system corrosion protection improved
  • Fuel/water handling characteristics improved
  • Fully compatible with all types of petrol – leaded, unleaded and oxygenated
  • Very economical treatment rates
  • Treatment cost repaid in improved efficiency