Millers Petrol Power Ecomax One Shot 250ml

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An octane booster and detergent package adding 3 octane numbers to unleaded fuel.

For use in all petrol engines. Add the contents of the bottle to 60 litres of petrol. Storage instructions: Avoid strong direct light and heat.

Increases octane rating of fuel by up to 3 numbers
Increases power and mpg
Improved efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors
Better cleanliness of carburettor internal components and jets
Improved inlet manifold and valve cleanliness condition
Reduces combustion chamber deposits
Helps to control corrosion in the fuel system
Maintains catalyst efficiency and helps to invigorate catalytic converters
Improved combustion and engine cleanliness drastically reduces emissions of hydrocarbon (HC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (NOx)
Ideal for use as a pre-MOT test clean-up treatment
Please Note - Petrol Power ECOMAX One Shot does not provide valve seat protection for older cars. Use either VSPe Power Plus or CVL for cars designed to run on leaded petrol.