Millers TRX Synth 75w Manual Transmission Fluid

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A fully synthetic manual transmission oil to provide maximum protection and fuel economy. Suitable for use where a 75W synthetic oil is required offering increased gearbox efficiency in passenger cars due to its low viscosity level that is required and specified by OEMs including BMW, Ford, Land Rover & VAG Group

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Excellent cold temperature performance properties
  • Low friction and reduced drag providing increased performance and improved MPG
  • Improves the quality of gear change
  • Resists the effects of high temperatures and heavy-duty use
  • The high level of mechanical protection allows extended service intervals to be used
  • Protects against wear, sludge formation, deposits and corrosion

Meets the requirements of BMW MTF LT-3
Ford WSS-M2C200-D2
VW G 052 171
VW G 052 178
VW G 052 512
VW G 052 726
VW G 060 726
Special transmission oil BOT 350 M3
BMW 83 22 0 397 244
Porsche 000 043 301 36
Shell TF 0870