Silkolene PRO BOOST

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A unique blend of synthetic low toxicity organic chemicals which reduce upper cylinder wear and burn cleanly without leaving deposits in the combustion chamber.

Adding PRO BOOST to petrol will also have a ‘keep clean effect’ in both carburettor and injection systems and will help to reduce icing in carburettors.

Acceleration will be improved by using PRO BOOST since pre-ignition during that phase can be severe.

A further advantage of PRO BOOST is that it will reduce fuel system corrosion. PRO BOOST does not affect mixture settings making carburettor adjustment unnecessary. It is fully compatible with all petrols and does not attack fuel hoses or filters.


Birch Performance say:  An all in one Power adder and fuel system cleaner from Silkolene.  Suitable for cars and bikes and compatible with all fuel systems  A lot of punch from this product, which sits at the mid budget level.