About Birch Performance

About Birch Performance

If you're shopping with us, you might want to know who we are. 

We are a family business: Martin and Emily Lee, who have been running Birch Performance since 2018. Martin is an expert in supply chains and a lifelong performance car nut. Emily has built a career on writing about people, and tech. She has lived with Martin's car obsession for many long, long years. (Rachel and Nicky round off the team. Their love of cars is developing fast)

We started off by selling race fuel to our friends in the performance car scene, as resellers for Renegade fuel. After a while we added Klotz additives to the product range. We started to see that there was a lively market for performance car supplies, so we added more additives - which proved really popular.

Jump forward a few years and we are running Birch Performance full-time. Now, we have a great range of oils, additives, cleaners, greases and coolants. Not to mention our Armorgard storage range, brilliant Portable Power Packs and must-have Fire Safety Sticks. We love going to track days and getting out in our Nissan GT-R, alongside serving the other drivers!

Our vision is a place where you can find the very best products for your performance motor. Somewhere we would come ourselves to buy quality products, be inspired - and get great prices.

This is a tight business, where price volatility can be difficult to manage. We aim to offer the best products and delight our customers with personal service and freebies or offers for buying multiples.

If you ask Emily, she'll tell you Martin can answer absolutely any question on anything. Especially anything car-related. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you, your garage or your club! 

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