Additives and Boosters FAQs

Additives and Boosters FAQs

Fuel additives can play an important part in maximising the performance of your engine, in addition to keeping it operating reliably and efficiently.  We favour the products from Klotz and Silkolene.  Both are giants in their field and enable us to offer solutions to suit every budget. 

If you're not sure what you need or why you need it then we have put together some useful tips:

Q: What are Octane Boosters? (fuel additives)

A: Octant boosters generally split into four categories. Power adders, fuel system cleaners, all-in-ones and then those that don't really do anything (junk!)

Q: Which Octane Booster should I use?

A:  This will be dependent on your needs and your budget.  The Klotz Higher Octane Booster is a superb all-in-one product that can not only add significant octane, but also clean your fuel system and preserve fuel for long periods of time.  This is suitable for use with petrol and ethanol fuels.   

If you're after a lower-cost fuel system treatment to use on a regular basis, then the Silkolene One Shot FST offers a credible alternative to Redex.       

Top 6 Octane Booster options:

  1. Best all in one - Klotz Higher Octane Booster
  2. Best mid price all-in-one - Silkolene PRO Boost
  3. Best low-cost fuel system treatment - Silkolene One Shot FST
  4. Best low-cost octane booster - Silkolene One Shot Octane Booster
  5. Blend of power and protection - Klotz Higher Octane Booster or Hitrate
  6. Ultimate power adder (or to mix with diesel/ethanol/methanol) - Klotz Nitro Power  

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