Fire Safety Sticks - proven fire safety on the track!

Fire Safety Sticks - proven fire safety on the track!

We are proud suppliers of Fire Safety Sticks, and have been given an update on some amazing track success from the UK supplier of these game-changing fire extinguishers:

"We are aware of at least seven fires now in competing rally motorsport events in the last few months, where the Fire Safety Stick has been deployed successfully to stop a car fire and preventing further damage. In the majority of cases, it’s been when the traditional extinguishers required by the governing body failed to extinguish the fire. As a result, more and more drivers are carrying the FSS in addition to the compulsory extinguishers.

It has now prompted the FIA (the world governing body for motorsports) to approach Fire Safety Sticks directly, as they would like to have the Fire Safety Stick fully approved. And just to add to that, one of the leading Formula One teams has bought a significant quantity of Fire Safety Sticks to have within the pit garages at all the Grand Prix as well as exhibition events they hold." 

Watch this space to find out the team name - it's top secret for now!

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