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Introducing the Fire Safety Stick!

Birch Performance are proud to offer an exciting range of fire safety products with the Fire Safety Stick. Available in a variety of durations to suit your needs, the Fire Safety Stick offers peace of mind when in your car, at home or on holiday. We love them because they are so portable - they are small and light, and you don't need to service them like standard fire extinguishers. For us that means we stash them in the car, in the garage, with the camping stuff and in the kitchen and then forget about them unless we need them!

We have three duration options including 25 seconds, 50 seconds and 100 seconds. The shorter ones are ideal for smaller cars or to keep in your toolbox; the longer ones for bigger cars or motorhomes. 

We started selling these when a friend's GT-R caught fire on the drive - having a Fire Safety Stick at hand just takes away the panic and worry when the worst happens! (Don't worry, they caught the fire early and the car is OK!) 

Grab yours today and enjoy the feeling that fire safety is under control at home and on the move.