Renegade PRO Methanol

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For all off-road methanol racing applications. Renegade 100% Methanol ignites with a controlled burn that enables racers to be so consistent that the “Big Money competitors” count on it to win. Cylinder walls, valve guides and roller bearings live longer and there are no “white worms”.
Birch Performance say:  Run by the fastest road registered car in the world (Red Victor 3).  An excellent methanol of the highest grade.  Rest easy that the product is pure with none of the contamination you can find in cheaper products or bulk methanol containers. If you are looking for every gain possible you could consider running this with the Klotz Nitro Power additive for some added punch.  
Available in 19 and 204 litre drums.  

The 204 litre barrel is a beast and weighs in at around 200KGs!  Please keep this in mind when ordering.  Four fit on a HAZCHEM pallet and can be mixed up with smaller 19 litre barrels to help save on shipping costs.

Alcohol-based fuels tend to lose octane quicker than regular fuels.  Best consumed within a couple of months after opening.