Fire Safety Stick - 50 seconds (with free safety gift worth £10)

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**Every 50 and 100 second Fire Safety Stick comes complete with a free mini safety pack worth £10 (max 4 free gifts per purchase)**

We love these Fire Sticks and believe everyone should have them to hand. 

The ideal fire extinguisher to always keep close. Incredibly small and light, this works on all major classes of fire leaving no damaging mess afterwards. The product lasts over 10 years with no servicing needed. Easy to use and durable in all conditions, the Fire Safety Stick is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It can even be left to fight the fire while you escape to safety. 

Available in two durations: 50 seconds and 100 seconds

  • 50 seconds: ideal throughout the home, for cars, boats, caravans and motorhomes
  • 100 seconds: perfect for small to large homes, boats and motorhomes

Grab one of each and store them around the home, garage and car for well-deserved peace of mind.