Klotz Higher Octane Booster

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Birch Performance say: this is a proven highly effective Octane Booster and fuel stabiliser.  Customers have used this to run higher power maps in very hot climates with low octane fuel so we know it works well!  Provides engine protection against knock and detonation by raising octane levels whilst also improving engine response and power.  Just take care to keep it off your paintwork!

Easy dosing guide.  Add to:

15 litres for +10 octane number rise (MON) (Maximum dosage rate)

30 litres for +5 octane number rise (MON)

60 Litres for +2.5 octane number rise (MON)

Can be run at high dosages on a dedicated map as a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional unleaded race fuel.  

Each bottle is 473ml and easy to pour directly into the fuel tank  


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