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Birch Performance says: "We love these battery packs. They are massively reliable and will last for years and years. As well as getting us going after a flat battery, we also use these portable battery chargers regularly at the track as battery support to make sure the car doesn't go flat when we are making adjustments."

These dual packs are for anyone running a 24v system (lorries, agricultural or industrial equipment). We can also supply 3m and 4m leads. 

Portable Power markets its own-branded power packs, with the latest version, the 1800 Rapid Charge, launched in early 2020. All of their jump starters have detachable leads for secure storage. They are available in a choice of lengths and with a choice of clamp, which makes this pack truly versatile. Also they all have a fully automatic 3-stage 5A Rapid Charger included with them.

The jump starters from Portable Power Limited are a premium product for anyone at home, work or on the track. These packs are hand-built and 100% of them are tested for every function before being packed and despatched, thus ensuring their quality, strength and performance without any compromise on quality.

For more info on Portable Power, visit their site here.

You can buy additional Portable Power accessories here.


Two of the NEW 1800RC Rapid Charge Compact Portable Power Jump Starters

Your dual pack order includes:

  • 2x Portable Power 1800RC (Rapid Charge) Unit
  • 2x 5A Automatic, 3-Stage Intelligent Charger
  • 2x Positive Clamp/Lead Assembly
  • 2x Negative Clamp/Lead Assembly
  • Complete with your choice of lead length (Select from the choices above)
  • 2x Instruction Sheet
  • 2x Full Two Year Parts and Labour Warranties including the batteries
  • 2x FREE 12V to 12V Charger (worth £27.60)
  • 1x FREE 24V Connector (worth £20.83)
Develops 1800 Peak Amps
  • 520 cranking amps which is tested at 0℃ / 32℉
  • 350 cold cranking amps, tested at -18℃ / 0℉
  • Note: Above figures stay consistent when packs are connected in 24 volt configuration.
  • Size: 31cm high x 30cm wide x 11cm deep.  Weight: 9.2kg (X2 for both packs)