Renegade Moto SX4+

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Renegade SX4+ is a leading edge, four-stroke powersports race fuel. It's for those who spare no expense when it comes to making power and need to coax the absolute most performance out of their race engines.  

It is the choice of top engine builders and AMA Supercross, motocross and road racing teams across the USA. This revolutionary formulation is comprised of the most exotic fuel ingredients on the planet and serves up nothing short of the best Powersports race fuel performance available in an AMA-legal formula.  SX4+ not only makes obscene power, but it’s also incredibly stable in high heat conditions.

SX4+, when nothing but the best will do for you.

  • Octane – R+M/2             92
  • Motor Octane                  83.5
  • Research Octane            100.5
  • Specific Gravity               0.726
  • RVP                                      9.05
  • Oxygen                               3.9%
  • Stoich Ratio                      14.32:1
  • Unleaded                          Yes
  • Color                                   Clear