Renegade PRO 120+

Renegade PRO 120+

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A specifically designed light fuel which provides better vaporization, faster flame speeds and greater intake cooling effects.  A great choice for Top Sportsman, Pro Mod, Turbo or Blower applications.  Pro 120+ provides added protection for super exotic applications with 16:1 compression or higher at 10,000 rpm.

RON 120

MON 120

120 R+M/2 (Anti-knock index)

No O2

15 Stoich ratio


Birch Performance say:  An excellent high octane Leaded fuel.  Has zero oxygen making it perfect for high performance vehicles that are at the limit of their fuel systems or where low fuel consumption is a must.  We run this on our own GT-R with a fuel system at 92% making north of 1000 bhp as it helps make the power and gives confidence the fuel duty level will remain consistent.