Renegade PRO E112

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Renegade Pro E112 is our leaded version of E85 and is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro E112 is not a pump gas blended ethanol product. It is made with premium cut alkylate and ethanol which produces a high quality, consistent blend racing fuel that eliminates the need for testing and changing tune-ups.

Leaded Ethanol
119 RON
117 MON
118 R+M/2
9.89 Stoich ratio
19 litre Barrel.
Birch Performance say:  The ultimate Ethanol for those running without compromise.  Making around 10 Octane numbers more than regular unleaded Ethanols, it is arguably the best performing elite ethanol product on the market.

Be warned though, it's not for everyone as it's leaded, meaning you shouldn't run this if you have catalytic converters fitted.  It will also give O2 sensors a hard time and could cause them to eventually fail.  We ran a season drag racing on lead with no issues so it's somewhat luck of the draw 
204 litre barrel available for pre order from Renegade in America.  Standard shipping rate applies but longer lead time.  Contact us for confirmation of next shipment.