Renegade Ratman Boost

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When you are looking for maximum power from your high RPM turbo or high compression nitrous or naturally aspirated race engine, RATMAN Boost is the answer.  This high octane, highly oxygenated fuel will support the types of cylinder pressures associated with today’s boosted engines while maintaining the cool, clean consistent burn technology Renegade fuels are known for.
124 R+M/2 (Anti-knock index)
14.34 Stoich ratio
19 Litre barrel
Birch Performance say:  This is the ultimate Leaded race fuel.  Regular Octane measurement doesn't read above 124 and this maxes out the scale in every area.  Your car will need specific to run this (and any other high octane race fuel) but with suitable tuning, the fuel will allow you to unleash ALL of the POWER!!!!