Renegade TS114

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TS114, known in the USA as RATMAN 109, is an oxygen rich, high octane unleaded fuel designed specifically for today’s high revving engines that need to run a true unleaded fuel.

It is devoid of compounds that are known to be harmful to catalytic converters tor oxygen sensors. RATMAN 109 is a high-density blend that enhances performance in forced induction applications.

  • Octane – R+M/2           107
  • Motor Octane                100
  • Research Octane          114
  • Specific Gravity             0.726
  • RVP                                    6.7
  • Oxygenated                   9.6%
  • Unleaded                        Yes
  • Stoich Ratio                   13.57:1
  • Color                                Blue

Renegade TS114 Safety Data Sheet
Birch Performance say:  High power unleaded fuel.  Meets or exceeds the performance of any other Unleaded competitor.  Sensible oxygen level means this fuel wont run your fuel system over the edge like some other fuels, but always best to run with a tune.